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The Course Of Empire

by Telepathic Teddy Bear

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Dès les premières notes vous serez scotché à vos écouteurs et à votre fauteuil, terrasser par l’ambiance incroyable de l’orchestration electro, par cette mélodie puissante et envoutante de « The Truth Of Violence » premier titre de l’album. Carrément jouissif du début à la fin !

Un album réalisé en état de grâce, d’une beauté suffocante qui confine au génie…
(aussi sur Favorite track: The Truth Of Violence.
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The Course Of Empire EP is based off of this series of art painted by Thomas Cole. The Byron poem in the beginning of the article called "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" is the seed idea that inspired the EP a year and a half ago. There are 5 songs in the EP. One for each painting.


released March 1, 2013




Telepathic Teddy Bear

Telepathic Teddy Bear is a one-man outfit based out of Monterrey, Mexico. TTB creates dreamy and sometimes very upbeat and light-hearted electronic music. You could easily go from listening to TTB while running a 5k and get right into "bedtime mode" with more whimsical tunes. Keyboard delicious from beginning to end, whether it is TTB's only full length album or their earlier EP release. ... more

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Track Name: The Truth Of Violence
My will explodes
Light and shadow are born
Ages thrust
Blown to pressure and dust

Rage uncontrolled
Hurled back into the fold

Can’t beat me into silence
You know what I can do
Can’t beat me into silence
You know what I must do

Run away, oh run away
Run away, oh run away

Can’t beat me into silence
You know what I can do
Can’t beat me into silence

It's okay
It's alright
Come down here with me
You'll be just fine

It's okay
It's alright
Come down here with me
It's alright, It's alright
Track Name: The Benevolence Of Ghosts
Your love surrounds me
I can feel the warmth inside your heart

Your love surrounds me
Now we can go far, so far, so far, so far
Oh, the ease and the grace
The kindness of a day
How I wished you’d stay

But now
I feel it all

Holy years
Oh, the years, come the tides
Swim in my head
I feel it all

Oh the years, oh the tides
Holy years
Oh the years come and go
They swim in my head
I feel it all
Track Name: The Milk Of The Earth
I need you now
You're overblown
Track Name: The Bleeding Of Mercy
Now the brothers turn
Once loyal and bound
In time their honor folds
Soft tongues have grown proud
For peace the mother yearns
She weeps for all men
Yet slow the beggar burns
So kings may rise again

Now the debt is done
Purged of all sin
The end of omens come
Betrayal of your kin
Don’t fear what you have sown
From the fire you were born
Don’t mourn the setting sun
For it will rise again